TC prof premiers five compositions

Bradley Vogel, Tabor College professor of music and director of choral activities, is premiering five new compositions this spring.

The compositions are the fruit of Vogel’s partial sabbatical this year.

“I applied for a sabbatical with the idea of doing some composing,” Vogel said. “I had some teachers ask if I’d be interested in writing some stuff for their choirs.”

Vogel selected 20 choirs and emailed the directors, asking if they would like him to write something for their choir. He was expecting to receive four or five responses.

“Within a day, I had 18 responses,” Vogel said. “I had to pick and choose who I would go with. I made my decisions based on what types of special events they were doing.”

In February, “A Dream Is Like an Angel” premiered at the Kansas Music Educators Association state convention. The composition includes treble choir, piano, English horn and cello and Vogel’s original text. It was written for former Tabor faculty Janie Brokenicky and the Flint Hills Children’s Chorus.

Vogel’s second composition, “The Trumpet Shall Sound,” was performed by the Concordia High School choir and also debuted at KMEA. The piece is written for mixed chorus, piano and trumpet, and includes text from 1 Corinthians and 1 Thessalonians.

The Hillsboro High School mixed chorus presented the first performance of “Lord, Hear My Voice” in March. This piece, based on text from Psalm 102, 130, 51 and 36, includes a mixture of English and Latin.

Two more of Vogel’s compositions will premiere later this spring.

McPherson High School women’s chorus debuted “Untamed,” which is based on text written by MHS student Emma Ellet.

“When in Our Music God is Glorified,” based on the hymn by Fred Pratt Green, will be performed by the Garden City High School mixed choir to mark the director’s retirement. Vogel wrote a third stanza for special commemoration.

In addition, Vogel is finishing an arrangement of “Bound for the Promised Land,” which is dedicated to this year’s Tabor College Concert Choir and will be performed at commencement.

Vogel started composing in the last week of August 2016 and finished during the final week of January. Vogel said he compares the process to “trying to capture air in a bottle.”