TC history makes its May 10 debut


Creators of ?A Century of Transformation, 1908-2008,?? stand behind their work, unveiled at the Tabor Centennial Dinner Saturday. Shown from left are the book?s editor, Doug Miller, and the four authors: David Peters, Lynn Jost, Richard Kyle and, Peggy Goertzen.? Tabor College photo by Vance Frick

?A Century of Transforma?tion, 1908-2008,? created by the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies to coincide with the Tabor College centennial celebration, made its public debut Saturday at the Tabor Centen?nial Dinner in the college?s chapel auditorium.

The book includes 250 pages of stories and photographs, with a CD/DVD containing every Bluejay annual published in the past century, along with vintage recordings of Tabor College musical performances, and radio broadcasts of the Tabor College Chapel Hour.

The book?s four authors, Peggy Goertzen, director, Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies; Richard Kyle, professor of history and religious studies at Tabor; Lynn Jost, dean of the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary; and David Peters, coordinator of special collections, Oklahoma State University, shared highlights of the book at the dinner.

The book?s editor, Doug Miller, professor of biblical and religious studies at tabor, and Don Isaac, chairmanof the project steering committee, also spoke.

?We are honored to host this celebration of Tabor?s centennial and the centennial history book which was published,? Goertzen said in her role as CMBS director.

?The book has been a long time in the making with many people helping to make it a reality; we are so excited to be able to present a gorgeous well-researched history.?

Entertainment for the evening was provided by soprano Elise Hiebert, a Tabor senior from Hillsboro, who sang ?Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing? and ?Find Us Faithful.?

Former President Larry Nikkel, who hosted the event, gave a brief history of the origin of the centennial book project. He praised Isaac for ?his Herculean efforts? in managing the project and his vision for the electronic component to the print version. He also feted committee members, Goertzen, Wilmer Harms, Marvin Kroeker, and Aleen Ratzlaff.

Nikkel and Miller participated in the ceremonial unveiling of the book. The first copy was given with deep gratitude to Joel Klaassen, publisher of the centennial book.

Thanks also was given to Diane Steiner, senior designer, with Tabor Communications, for her guidance and support, to Edith Penner, CMBS staff person, for her assistance with photographs; to Malinda Penner Nikkel, for her valuable feedback regarding the manuscript; to Carrol Ediger, for her assistance with proofing; to Aleen Ratzlaff, for her detailed work on the appendix; to Tabor Board Chairman Lyndon Vix, for his legal counsel with copyrights; and Chris Glanzer, for his formatting of the CD/DVD.

In closing, newly inaugurated Tabor College President Jules Glanzer asked Wilmer Harms to return to the podium. Harms told the story of his journey to the Ukraine and his purchase of a one-of-a-kind painting of the infamous old oak tree in the former Mennonite colony of Chortitiza, where reportedly Mennonites first gathered upon their arrival in South Russia (now Ukraine) from Prussia (now Poland).

In a moving tribute, Harms presented the painting as a gift to Tabor College.

Glanzer concluded by affirming the value of the centennial history book.

?This book did more to prepare me for my leadership role here at Tabor than any of the seminars or workshops which I attended,? he said.

?A Century of Transform?ation, 1908-2008? is available for $45. Kansas residents must add $3.29 per book for tax plus $5 for postage/handling if shipped.

Checks can be made out to Tabor College and mailed to Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies, 400 S. Jefferson, Hillsboro, KS, 67063.

For more information, contact CMBS at 620-947-3121, ext. 1211 or 1212.

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