Tabor’s beloved ‘Mr. Biology’


Solomon Loewen (1898-1996), is fondly remembered as ?Mr. Biology? and was a major pillar in building Tabor College?s respected science department. Former student and long-time opthamalogist and missionary Herb Friesen tells of the zeal with which students sought to please their revered ?Prof. Loewen.? On one occasion, a group diligently searched the water holes and marshes of Marion Reservoir in quest of several giant, green, slimy bullfrogs in hopes they would bear interesting parasites. Back in the lab they were disappointed to find the frogs yielded no such rewards?but they did become a tasty snack when their legs were roasted over Bunsen burners!


The above anecdote was included by Richard Kyle, one of the contributing authors of ?Tabor College: A Century of Transformation 1908-2008,? the history of the college commissioned for this year?s centennial celebration. The pre-publication price for the 248-page hardcover book with around 400 photos is $37.50 (tax included) until May 10. After May 10, the price will be $48.39 (tax included) plus $5 for shipping. Call 620-947-3121 ext. 1212 for information or orders.

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