Tabor Social Justice Club participates in ‘Take Back The Night’

The Social Justice Club at Tabor College will be hosting an event in coordination with “Take Back The Night” Sunday, Sept. 29 through Sunday, Oct. 6.

“Take Back The Night” is an organization that strives to end domestic abuse and sexual violence through awareness events and initiatives.

The local TBTN event that will be held on Tabor’s campus this year will be very similar to what was done last year.

If you walked or drove by Tabor’s campus during this time last year, you may have remembered seeing a clothesline with clothes hanging on it.

Students were not just doing their laundry; in fact they were sharing stories and messages of hope with one another.

Individuals wrote with markers on the front and back of the clothes either telling their stories or writing messages of hope for survivors.

Last year, these clotheslines were in front of the gymnasium of the Student Center, but this year the Social Justice Club is hanging the clothesline on trees in the Renee Penner Memorial Mall between the H.W. Lohrenz Building and the Student Center.

“The goal of this activity is to show support and unity with those on our campus that have endured domestic violence and sexual abuse,” said president of the Social Justice Club, Hannah Funk.

The clothesline will be up for a week starting Sept. 29, weather permitting.

“We would love to see the community come out and view this moving event,” said Funk.