Tabor group to explore Belize during January

A dozen Tabor College students will explore Mayan ruins, hike tropical rain forests, and dive one of the largest coral reefs in the world during their Interterm seminar trip to Belize, from Jan. 15-26.

The trip will be led by Karrie Rathbone, associate professor of biology and chair of the biology department.

Located in Central America, Belize?formerly British Honduras?was once part of the Mayan and, very briefly, the Spanish empires. It was affiliated with the British Empire prior to gaining its independence in 1981.

Belize shares a border on the north with Mexico, on the west and south with Guatemala.

Along its east coast, the Caribbean Sea contains the second-longest barrier reef in the world.

Students, who will carry their belongings in backpacks, are being limited to 40 pounds of gear, including snorkel, mask, fins, insect repellant, and sunscreen.

In addition to diving the coral reef, students will study Belize culture and history, observe rain forest and marine biodiversity, learn and identify the most common animals and plants of the ecosystems, practice the processes of scientific inquiry, communicate ideas orally and through writing composition, and discuss Christian stewardship the integration of faith and learning.

In addition to Rathbone, Hillsboro-area residents making the trip are student Jessica Kelly and Tabor Communica?tions photographer Vance Frick.

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