Tabor College hosts Presidential Leadership candidates

Tabor College hosted the 2018-19 Presidential Leader­ship Program candidates on campus Feb. 18-19.

While on campus, 24 high school students participated in activities, interviews and team assignments. PLP is a two-track program that includes scholars and fellows.

During their visit, Tabor President Jules Glanzer and Erin Barocio, director of presidential leadership fellow program, interviewed each individual.

“Hosting the presidential leadership program candidates is an honor and pure joy,” Glanzer said. “These men and women are high-capacity individuals who are inspiring to meet and enjoyable to get to know.

“Interviewing the candidates and getting to know them is always an enriching experience,” he added. “Selecting the scholars is very difficult because all of the candidates are worthy of the honor.”

The mission of the program is to prepare people to be persons of influence, learning how to lead and lead well and influencing the world to be more as God intended it to be.

Scholars are awarded up to $22,000 in scholarship, while fellows are awarded $6,000.

The scholars and fellows will be named the first week of March. Two women and two men will be named scholars while other qualifying students will be named fellows.

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