Tabor College band prof debuts composition



Daniel Baldwin, Tabor College director of bands and orchestra and assistant professor of instrumental music, recently traveled to Mercer University in Macon, Ga., to attend the premier of his composition, ?Landscapes.?

The work was written for clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano. Based on the life of landscape painter Frederick Edwin Church, it was commissioned and performed by members of the Mercer faculty Sept. 8.

?I am very grateful and blessed to have these wonderful opportunities to go out and represent my God, myself and my school,? Baldwin said. ?I will be proudly wearing my Tabor name tag all times during my time spent at Mercer University.?

Baldwin has written 48 pieces to date. The composition honoring Church took about a year to compose. Baldwin partnered with Richard Ramey, bassoon professor from the University of Arkansas, who assembled the commissioning consortium.

Baldwin said Church?s paintings are elaborate and beautiful and are on display at many of the finest art galleries in the world.

?My work is in three movements, each modeled after a specific painting and a period in the artist?s life,? he said. ?The first…is a celebration of new beginnings as Church saw fame and riches very early in his career.

?The second movement…is a musical representation of the most painful period of his life. In the middle of the Civil War, both of his children contracted diphtheria and passed away within one week of each other.

?The final movement…is my musical depiction of what I imagine it was like for Church in the final years of his life,? Baldwin said. ?Despite being crippled by arthritis, he attempted this one final painting that, I believe, harkened back to his youth in therapeutic reflection on his very interesting life.?

In addition to hearing his work performed, Baldwin presented master classes to education and music majors. He discussed with students different methods to approach composers and how to commission music of their own.

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