Students and parents turn out for MES carnival on Saturday


MES-CARNIVAL---That-Tatoo!-.jpg Emily Hake and her mom, Shawna, searched for just the right tatoo during the Marion Elementary School Carnival held Saturday in the gymnasium. More than 500 people attended the carnival, sponsored by the Parent Advisory Council. All proceeds go toward buying a needed school item, said Rod Garman, principal. ?For example, this school year, PAC helped purchase Compass Learning Software for our grade K-6 students to use. We have not designated any specific need for the 2009-10 school year yet.? Kristin Garman, president of PAC was responsible for organizing the event. Each of the 16 classrooms were responsible for creating and organizing a booth based on our Tropical Theme. Booths and games included Dance, Dance Revolution, Coconut Confusion, Moonwalk, Book Hut, Cake Walk (about 100 cakes), Duck Pond, Plinko, Tattoo Parlor, Photo Booth, Basketball Shoot, Football Throw, Bean Bag Toss, Flamingo Ring Toss, Limbo, Pie in the Face, and Flame Out (Water Gun Game). ?What a night of family fun,? Garman said.


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