Rehearsals under way for ‘Annie’ at HHS

Tickets for Hillsboro High School?s production of ?Annie Get Your Gun? are on sale beginning this week.

The shows will be at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 13, 14, 15 in the high school auditorium. Tickets are for reserved seating and can be purchased for $5 by calling the HHS office at 947-3991.

The musical is based on the true-life story of Annie Oakley, the female sharp-shooter in Buffalo Bill Cody?s Wild West Show during the late 1800s.

The original Wild West Show, a spectacular panorama of cowboys, Indians, trick shooters and specialty acts, ran for 30 years, from 1883 until 1913, touring the United States and Europe with legendary figures such as Sitting Bull, marksman Frank E. Butler, and Annie Oakley.

The musical version is a family show fictionalizing a love/hate relationship between the two sharp-shooters as they compete for the title of ?Best in the World,? as well as for each other?s heart.

Music by Irving Berlin includes the familiar ?There?s No Business Like Show Busi?ness? and ?Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.?

Directing ?Annie Get Your Gun? is Lynn Just, assisted by Terry Bebermeyer. Shelby Koons is stage manager.

The cast includes: Nolan Dirks as Frank Butler, Jessica Elliott as Annie Oakley, Matt Richert as Buffalo Bill Cody, Cassie Kroeker as Dolly, Nathan Vogel as Tommy Keeler, Heidi Schroeder as Winnie Tate, Evan Just as Charlie Davenport, Jordan Riggs as Foster Wilson, Michael Klaassen as Chief Sitting Bull, Heather Goldsby as Jessie (little sister), Olivia Kliewer as Nellie (little sister), Nick Ediger as Jake (little brother), Michael Christian as Running Deer, April Young as Eagle Feather, Dakota Peterson as Pawnee Bill, Brianna Loewen as Ms. Sylvia Potter-Porter, Sarah Unruh as Ms. Schuyler Adams, Matt Wiebe as the waiter/ porter, Jordan Riggs as the messenger, David Loewen as the band leader, Heather Goldsby at Queen Victoria, Luke Moore as the tsar of Russia, Jordan Riggs as the King of Italy, Matthew Wiebe as the president of France.

The ladies? ensemble will include Mandi Roble, Hayley Pankratz, Carly Weisbeck, Sarah Unruh, Elise Heyen, Brenna Blackketter, Briana Loewen, Krista Reimer, Emma Heyen.

The men?s ensemble will include Luke Moore, Matt Wiebe and Dakota Peterson

The dancers will include Amy Bartel, Samantha Ens, Sarah Hill, Hayley Pankratz, Mandi Roble, Carly Weisbeck.

Playing Indians are Michael Christian, Allister Young, April Young, Rachel MacKenzie.

The roustabouts will be David Loewen, Luke Moore and Jordan Riggs.

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