Plett at home as new secretary for USD 410 central office


Amy Plett is the new public face as visitors come to the central office of USD 410 in the basement of Emprise bank in Hillsboro. She was hired Oct. 1 to succeed longtime secretary Jane Long.

Helping to create a cheery atmosphere in the USD 410 central office, temporarily located in the basement of Emprise Bank, is the district?s new secretary, Amy Plett.

Plett was hired Oct. 1, but is already adapting well to the challenges of the role?answering phones, filing papers and basically keeping everything in the office working smoothly.

In some ways the job comes easy to her.

?Every job that I?ve had has had some sort of secretarial part in it,? Plett said.

She feels one of her strengths is dealing with the public.

?One of my biggest strengths is that I work well with people,? she said. ?I don?t tend to take things to heart. And I can usually read people pretty well, for the most part.?

This trait and others helped Plett stand out among 25 to 30 other applicants for the position, according to Carla Harmon, board treasurer, who had a say in choosing the new secretary.

Superintendent Steve Noble agreed, mentioning personality as at least one deciding factor.

?In this position, you have to be a people person,? Noble said. ?And she is.?

The first-year superintendent summarized the fit: ?Technology skills are important to all of us. To have somebody like (Plett), who can take our district to the next level in terms of (technological) applications, that was a biggie. A people person, technology skills and then a background in some accounting skills.?

After graduating from Pike Valley High School in Scandia, Plett completed two years at Cloud County Community College in Concordia, where she earned an associates of applied science degree with an emphasis on business.

?I was actually going to become a computer programmer,? she said, adding that it had been a lifetime dream of hers. ?Things just took a different turn of events. Some days I wish I would have finished it, and other days I?m perfectly happy doing what I?m doing.?

Plett said she began questioning her goal of programming. She moved to Topeka, where she worked for Capital Federal Bank for five years. She became an assistant branch manager and was selected to be one of two ?loan? executives?loaned to United Way for a month and a half to help with its charity work.

Plett said, ?That was a lot of fun, and I would say that was probably an honor and a privilege, all wrapped up in one.?

She said her greatest achievement, though, would have to be her kids. She and husband Jason Plett?not to be confused with Jason and Shelley Plett, also of Hillsboro?have two children: Jenaya, 3, and Brogan, 3.

When she talks about her husband, she smiles.

?He?s the reason that I quit working for Capital Federal to come (to Hillsboro), because he?s a farmer, and you can?t move the farm to the city,? she said with a laugh. ?It just doesn?t work.?

With her background in computers, Plett will be expected to help adapt the office to the new directions in technology the school district is heading. This may include updating the district?s Web site.

The district also has initiated ?Alert Now,? an automated calling system designed to notify parents about special events, such as emergency school closings because of weather.

Plett sees her new role in a positive light.

?I worked at Cap Fed for five years, Golden Heritage for five years, and I hope to be here for about 10,? she said. ?I don?t like changing jobs. I don?t like it at all.?

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