Peabody-Burns and Marion Middle Schools compete on test scores

Peabody-Burns Middle School Principal Ryan Bartel was pied in the face by a Marion Middle School student on Wednesday, May 15, as a result of a competition between the two schools.
Marion Middle School Principal Kelsey Metro was pied in the face by a Peabody-Burns Middle School student on Thursday, May 16, as a result of a competition between the two schools.


Marion Middle School students gathered to watch Peabody-Burns Middle School Principal Ryan Bartel get pied in the face on Wednesday, May 15. And then on Thursday, May 16, Peabody-Burns Middle School students got to see Marion Middle School Principal Kelsey Metro get pie in her face.

The pie in the face for the two principals was the result of a contest between the two schools.

“Kelsey and I were thinking of ways to draw more attention to working hard in reading and math. One way we measure that progress is with our FastBridge screener, which we take 3x per year in the fall, winter and spring,” said Bartel. “We decided to see which middle school had the largest percentage of kids improve their scores from Fall to Spring.”

Peabody-Burns won the reading challenge with 72% of their students improving their scores, 67% of the Marion students improved their math scores. Marion won the math competition with 88% of students improving their math scores, Peabody had 46% of their students improve.

The students and principals alike seemed to enjoy the competition especially the pie in the face portion of it.

“It was a hoot! The kids thought it was funny, and you can’t help but enjoy it when the kids are having such a great time. The drive home was less than desirable, as the sweet smelling whipped cream started getting warm and a little funky,” said Metro.

The student who had the largest growth in math got to pie Bartel.

“The students loved it! Mr. Bartel started talking about how next year Peabody would be pieing me in the face twice next year, because the were going to beat us in everything. The MMS students we adamant that Mr. Bartel would be getting both pies next year because they were going to win everything! I really hope that this is something that we can continue and we would love to see other Marion County schools get involved as well,” said Metro.

Bartel agreed that it was fun and is already thinking about next year as well.

“For next year, we aren’t sure what we’ll do, yet. We would like to see who improves the most from Spring to when they take the screener again this coming fall,” said Bartel.

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