MMS students compete at league

Marion Middle School students competed March 6 at the Heart of America league music festival in Inman.

The middle school choir received a “I” rating from all three judges and all vocal ensembles earned a “I” as well.

Vocal solos receiving a “I” rating were performed by Molly Hess, Cade Harms, Tori Boyd, Ryan Cochran, Noah Albin, Tori Smith, John Lind, Elizabeth Meyer and Shyla Harris.

Adam Kjellin received a “I-plus” rating for his vocal solo. Also receiving a “I” were William Adame for his bass clarinet solo and the flute ensemble.

Morgan Radke and Alli Boyd received a “II” rating for their vocal solos. Also receiving a “II” were the band and instrumental soloists John Lind, Reann Hamm, Elizabeth Meyer and John Lind.

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