Marion schools release fourth-quarter honors

Marion Middle School has released its honor roll for the fourth quarter of the 2017-18 school year.

To qualify for “high honors,” a student must attain a grade-point average of 4.0-3.8571; for “regular honors,” a GPA of 3.7143-3.5714; for “honorable mention,” a GPA of 3.4286-3.0.

Marion Middle School

(Fourth quarter)

High honors

Eighth grade: Reyna Bouslog, Emma Box, Karlee Fetrow, *Amy Gayle, *Emily Hake, *Gracie Mackey, Breanna Mallory, *Jayden May, Miles Olson, *Brooklyn Riddle, *Emma Soyez, *Mickelly Soyez, *Hannah Stubenhofer-May, *Anderson Wad­dell.

Seventh grade: *Christopher Beery, *Calli Burkholder, *Taelar Creed, *Addyson Davis-Ash, Natalie Hoffner, *Sadie Lange, Brooklin Matthews, Amber Miller, Katelynn Schmidt, *Mia Spencer, Lane Svoboda, Shannon Taylor, *Mckinnon Waner, *Abby Wesner.

Sixth grade: *Cooper Bailey, *Jonathan Frese, *Grace Hett, *Haley Kraus, *Gabrielle Newell, *Natalie Sigel, *Quenton Taylor, *Gavin Was­muth.

Regular honors

Eighth grade: Christian Albin, Heidi Grimmett, Sydney Williams, Campbell Winter, Johnny Zieammer­mann.

Seventh grade: Madison Arocha, Lucas Cairns, Tristen Dye, Arwen Fay, Nathan Hoffner, Blake Kaiser, Brynn Mermis, Jalyssa Williams.

Sixth grade: Landon Dye, Paige Ensey, Wyatt Helmer, Phinneas Madg­wick, Jagger Miller, Trevor Schafers, Faye Snyder, Chevy Wilson.

Honorable mention

Eighth grade: Bobbi Barrell, Anthony Brooks, Brook Harford, Jayda Hayes, Dominic Miller, William Riddle, Noah Slater, DJ Smith, Belladonna Toy, Jordan Young.

Seventh grade: Trevor Cairns, Shaylee Creevan, Helen Henry, Rosalyn Kealy, Chance Shults, Jessica Williams.

Sixth grade: Brayden Blackman, Bryson Bouslog, Jacqueline Buhrle, Caleb Darrow, Andrew Ebaben, Michael Hendricks, Preston Hiebert, Jack Lanning, Ella Mackey, Kristin Neufeld, Katie Ottens­meier, Gavin Regier, Alec Richardson, Cole Smith, Calliegh Soyez, Lacey Willingham.

* * *


Geography Bee: 1. Tristen Dye; 2. Noah Slater.

Sixth-grade Lexile Awards: Top two readers, Phinneas Madgwick, Chevy Wilson. Exceeding 1 million words: Chevy Wilson.

Scholar’s Bowl: (7th grade) Tristen Dye 345, Lane Svoboda 340, Sadie Lange 210, Christopher Beery 140, Blake Kaise 75, Addy Ash 10. (8th grade) Mickelly Soyez 300, Hannah Stubenhofer-May 245, Rena Bouslog 235, Anderson Waddell 220, Emily Hake 120, Amy Gayle 10, Johnny Zieammermann 10.

Spelling awards: 1. Abby Wesner, 2. Haley Kraus. Runner-up: Shannon Taylor. Marion County Spelling Bee: Abby Wesner, second place.

7th/8th grade reading awards: Sadie Lange, 7th grade; Reyna Bouslog, 8th grade.

President’s Award for Educational Excellence: Reyna Bouslog, Emma Box, Amy Gayle, Emily Hake, Gracie Mackey, Brooklin Riddle, Mickelly Soye, Hannah Stubenhofer-May, Anderson Waddell, Campbell Winter, Johnny Zieammermann.

Citizenship Award: Gracie Mackey, Christian Albin.

Academic Excellence Award: Miles Olson, Jayden May, Hannah Stuben­hofer-May, Amy Gayle, Brooklyn Riddle, Mickelley Soyez.

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