Marion schools affirm more assessment high achievers

Students at Marion High School were recognized recently for their outstanding performance in last year?s Kansas State Assessments.

The assessments are one way each school is measured for annual yearly progress in order to meet ?No Child Left Behind? requirements, according to information presented by state officials.

During a special presentation, MHS faculty and staff indicated pride in their students for reaching the ?Standard of Excellence in Reading,? on the 2009 state assessments.

In addition, many students were individually recognized for scoring exemplary on one or more of the tests, which included reading, math, reading and math, reading, math and writing, reading and science, history/government, reading and writing, writing and science.

Exemplary is the highest level a student can score on the state assessments, officials said. Following is the list of high schievers.


? Students receiving exemplary status in reading: Faith Banning, Angel-Lynn Funk, Briana Hall, Erin Meierhoff, Jay?Dee Schafers, Colin Eurit, Ryan Jones, Anna Laurin, Landon Leiker, Bethany Maddox, Emily Meador, Adam Palic.

? Math students included Whitney Christensen, Derrick Dvorak, Jacob Harper, Ericka Herzet, Heather Jacobson, Cassandra McPhail, Montana Percell, Tim Costello, Adam Molleker, Kaylyn Spencer.

? Josh Gayle received exemplary status in science.

? Exemplary status in writing went to Jaclyn DeForest and Kayley Heerey.

? Sally Alkire received exemplary status in reading and science.

? Reading and math high honors went to Isaac Baldwin, Justin Barr, Josh Brown, Nicholas Davies, Dylan Goebel, Ethan Hett, John Loftus, Aaron Molleker, Patrick Hodson, Dane Purkeypile and Derek Stuchlik.

? High Honors in reading, math and writing went to Jennifer Fruechting, Spencer Fugitt, Elizabeth Goentzel, Clark Kroupa, Wiley Lundy, Ryan Nelson, Eric Regnier and Monica Spachek.

? High Honors in history/government went to Sam Ehrlich.

? Jenevieve Corona, Sarah Eurit and James Svoboda scored exemplary in reading and writing.


Marion Middle School

Kansas State Assessment Recognition

? Exemplary performance in reading: Devan Carr, Julia Hall, Kelli Hess, Raleigh Kroupa, Rachel Neil, Megan Richmond, Davion Ware.

? In math, Cheyenne Jeffrey, Trever Kinnersley, Clint Kroupa, Josiah Meador, Luke Steele and Dirk Young had exemplary performance.

? Reading and math exemplary performance went to Jacob Baldwin, Jermyn Bryant, Grif Case, Samantha Davies, Braden Fahey, Kaitlyn Frese, Dakota Funk, Quinton Hett, James Jones, Lauren McLinden, Seth Snelling, Amanda Stuchlik, Bret Voth and Kaylie Waner.

? Exemplary honors in reading, science and math went to Christian Czarnowsky, Katie Ehrlich, Jordan Laurin, Alicia Maloney, Caitlyn Maloney, Nick Meyer, Zach Robson, Abbey Smith and Kaelyn Thierolf.

? Reading and science honors went to Jared Hague.

Seventh and eighth graders received standard of excellence and building standard of excellence in math and reading.

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