Marion Middle School names honor students

Marion Middle School has released its honor roll for the third nine weeks of the 2009-10 school year.

To be named to the high honor roll, a student needs a grade-point average between 4.0 and 3.75. An asterisk (*) denotes a 4.0 GPA.

To be named to the honor roll, a GPA of 3.74 and 3.5 is required.

To be named to the honorable mention honor roll, students need a GPA between 3.49 and 3.0.



High Honor Roll

Eighth-graders: *Katey Ehrlich, *Kaitlyn Frese, *Kelli Hess, *Alicia Maloney, *Caitlyn Maloney, *Lauren McLinden, *Nicholas Meyer, *Zachary Robson, *Abbey Smith, *Amanda Stuchlik, *Kaelyn Thierolf, Megan Davies, Taylor Heidebrecht, Cheyenne Jeffrey, Megan Richmond, James Jones.

Seventh-graders: *Jacob Baldwin, *Kaylie Waner, Samantha Davies, Quinton Hett, Bret Voth.

Honor Roll

Eighth-graders: Jared Hague, Jordan Laurin, Grif Case, Rachel Neil.

Seventh-graders: Julia Hall, Shayla Kline, Seth Snelling, Braden Fahey, Raleigh Kroupa, Elizabeth Williams.

Honorable Mention

Eighth-graders: Clint Kroupa, Zach Lewman, Alyssa Edwards, Kate Schroeder, Seth Crawford, Dylan Seacat.

Seventh-graders: Breanna Doyle, Dylan Carpenter, Nathan Cyr, Trevor Kruse, Kyle Palic, Josiah Meador.

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