Hoops for Heart


Top: Jesse Brown (far left) gets off to a quick start in the sixth-grade boys? Figure 8 Race, one of the activities of Hoops for Heart.

Bottom: Eighth grader Courtney Weber takes aim during her turn at Knock Out.

Hillsboro Middle School students competed for fun and funds during their Hoops for Heart event Friday in Brown Gymnasium. The event generated $2,600, including $500 from the HMS Site Council, to fight heart disease. Individual students who raised the most money were: Damian Rose $144, Connie Thorne $122 and Marshall Hoffner $110.

Students competed in several basketball-related activities, including the Figure 8 Race, Hot Shot, Knock Out, 10 Free Throws, Mikan Drill and Speed Layups. Several students who preferred not to compete in the games volunteered to keep track of points. Jesse Allen was ?king? of the event and Callie Serene was ?queen.? The event was organized by Stephanie Sinclair, who was assisted by members of a Tabor College education class.

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