HMHS auditorium gets new lights in time for back-to-school

The Hillsboro Middle High School auditorium is looking very different these days thanks to new lighting done by Glanzer Pro Audio and Elcon Services, Inc.

Almost anytime the Hillsboro Middle High School auditorium is mentioned, someone comments on the lighting and how awful it is. But now, thanks to Elcon Services, Inc. and Glanzer Pro Audio, only compliments should be given thanks to a complete lighting overall.

“The lighting in the auditorium is a project that we are excited to complete,” said USD Superintendent Clint Corby. “Chris Glanzer and Elcon Services did a phenomenal job.”

Both companies have been busy this summer overhauling it all while the auditorium was not in use, and they were able to complete the project right before Summer Drama Camp got to use it all.

Leah Rose was able to use it for the camp as she worked with students of all ages last week to put on a performance last Friday night.

“I’m incredibly excited for the new lighting in the auditorium! So far, I’ve only learned a few basics in operating the lights. I’m looking forward to training on programming the lights as well. Having the opportunity to play with them a bit during Summer Drama Camp has made me more eager to find out all the new and exciting things we’ll be able to do with stage lighting for the spring play at the high school, as well as all the other performing arts shows and concerts for USD 410. Audiences will notice a difference and I hope they appreciate this major upgrade as much as students and staff will,” said Rose.

The lighting improvements has been on the needed and hoped for list for several years and many are excited that the time has come for them to be done. They will be enjoyed for students, teachers and parents this upcoming year as students go back to school next month.

“We now have a lighting system that will enhance our performances and put our students in the best light—pun intended,” said Corby.

The Summer Drama Camp is the first group to perform under the new lighting in the Hillsboro Middle High School auditorium. All of the lighting was redone this summer for the upcoming school year and the years to come.
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