Hillsboro High TSA qualifiers compete at national event

Members of Hillsboro High School?s national TSA team are (from left) Matthew Denholm, Jacob Isaac, Jon Hinerman, Nathan Simhiser, Reece Berens and Carson Herbel. Courtesy photo

Six qualifiers from the Hillsboro High School TSA chapter competed at the National TSA Conference in Dallas, Texas, June 28 through July 2.

The students competed in six events.

In Structural Design Engineering, the qualifying structure built by sophomores Carson Herbel and Jon Hinerman weighed about 30 grams, but held a stress of 367 pounds, for an efficiency ratio of 9.

?This would have placed it in the top 10, but we missed delivering one of the new forms required for the event this year, so we were disqualified,? said Creigh Bell, TSA adviser. ?We won?t miss that again.?

In Dragster Design, the dragster entered by freshman Jacob Isaac ran a time of 1.116 seconds in his qualification race, but there were too many times of 1.07 for him to make the finals.

?He averaged 1.063 previously at home and at state, which could have placed in the finals, but that is racing,? Bell said.

Junior Matthew Den?holm had a rough day in Flight Endur?ance. One of his two flights was for 5 seconds and the other never left the ground, according to Bell.

In Vex Robotics, Denholm (H-Team), and Hinerman and sophomore Nathan Sim?hiser (El Cerebros), competed first in the skills challenges with rankings of 14 and 29, respectively, out of 60 teams.

Both teams made the finals with these rankings; El Cerebros made it to the second round and H-Team made it to quarterfinals, or the elite eight, by beating the second-ranked team.

In System Control Tech?nology, junior Reece Berens, Sim?hiser and Hinerman developed an automated solution to determine leaking versus non-leaking nuclear waste containers, which earned them a top-10 event finalist award pin.

Hillsboro?s entry in Tech?ni?cal Problem Solving did not place.

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