HHS vocalists compete at league

Hillsboro High School vocalists competed at the final Mid-Central Activities Association league music festival Wednesday, March 3, at Bethel College, North Newton.

All ensembles received ?I? ratings: Spirit-N-Celebration, SNC Women, SNC Men and Sophomore Girls Ensemble.

The Concert Choir received a ?I? and two ?II? ratings; Mixed Chorus received three ?II? ratings, Girls Glee three ?I? ratings and Men?s Glee a ?I? and two ?II? ratings.

Soloists receiving a ?I? were Dylan Delk, Nick Ediger, Samantha Ens, Erika Just, Evan Just, Elise Heyen, Daniel Kenney, Olivia Kliewer, Luke Moore, Hayley Pankratz, Krista Reimer, Manda Roble, Nathan Vogel and Matt Wiebe.

Soloists Amy Bartel, Tyler Burst and Matt Richert each received a ?II? rating.

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