HHS Leos raise $1,650 for Marion County Project SEARCH program

<\p>The Hillsboro High School Leo Club presents a check for $1,650 to Daneen Landis, coordinator of career services and academic support coordinator for Tabor College. The Leos raised the funds to support the new Marion County Project SEARCH program based at Tabor. The program seeks to provide employment skills for special-needs students. Participating in the presentation are: (from left) Callie Arnold, Ava Weisbeck, Madison Daniels, Callie Meisinger, Kyle Unruh (Leo Club president), Shelby Johnson, Robert Haude, Bob Woelk, Ellian Weisbeck and Amanda Bartel. Haude is the special education instructor at HMHS, and he has accepted the position of Project SEARCH director for next year. Landis will serve as the business liaison between the two organizations to place individuals in work positions on Tabor’s campus. Woelk is the faculty sponsor for the Leo Club. “We chose Project SEARCH because we felt like many of our Leo Club members could connect with people who could benefit from going to Project SEARCH, whether it was classmates or siblings or friends,” Unruh said. “We also thought that some of the kids that will enter Project SEARCH we have gone to class with in previous years. In the past we always supported large, non-local charities. Supporting those charities was great, but we kind of all agreed that nothing could beat the feeling of raising important awareness for something that was local and affects people that we know.”

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