Head Starters hear about Guatemala

Head Start students in Lesli Beery?s afternoon class at Hillsboro Elementary School were treated to rice flour cheese cake and other Guatemalan experiences Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Lori Soo Hoo, director of Parents As Teachers, recently returned from a trip to Guate?mala and brought many novelty items to share with the class.

She also read a book on Guatemala from A to Z.

Some of the items she passed around to the children included a doll with pom-pom hair, a blanket-type quilt, a Guetzal (bird), a calendar, coins and coffee.

One by one, the students were sniffing the coffee or feeling the quilt or pom-poms on the doll?s head or looking in wonderment at the shiny coins.

?Each month the students learn about different countries,? Beery said. ?This year they have experienced Australia, South Africa and Germany.?

During the next couple of months, other people will present programs on Antarctica and China.

Prior to Soo Hoo?s visit, the students learned the capital of Guatemala, some of the animals and foods grown there and could point out its location on a map, she said.

In addition to visitors sharing life in other countries, the Head Start students have a diverse curriculum, Beery said.

The students learn handwriting, math and phonics while fitting in aspects of the next country to be studied.

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