Goessel City Council to purchase new water meters

The Goessel city council met on Sept. 20 and discussed water meters. Public works director Karen Dalke said she has already replaced 30 water meters. However, all the meters need to be replaced. Dalke said the old meters are failing. Also, homeowners sometimes hit them with lawnmowers and break them. Dalke said parts are no longer available for the old meters.

The council voted to replace all the water meters, plus purchase some backup meters and some extra meters for new homes. The council approved the purchase of 250 meters for a total cost of $47,472.

Turning their attention to another matter, the council spent a considerable amount of time discussing drainage issues, noting in-town and out-of-town drainage concerns. Mayor Dave Schrag said he has talked to the county about ditches south of town on Alamo. He also mentioned the creek by the library and the creek by the fire station.

The council mentioned issues with property owners concerning ditches and culverts. The council also talked about equipment that would be needed to clean out culverts and ditches. The city does not have adequate equipment.

City Clerk Jennifer Bliss has looked into a hazard mitigation grant that might be available to help with the cost of replacing some culverts and cleaning out creeks and ditches. It could possibly help to upgrade drainage.

In other business, the council:

* noticed that a trash truck ran over a culvert and damaged it.

* talked about using a spray to keep the dust down on streets. However, then the streets could not be graded.

* briefly mentioned the possibility of paving a street that is visible to people entering town. Schrag told the council that property values would go up in that area because of pavement. Therefore, property taxes would be higher in that area.

* spent some time discussing streets and the cost of improving them. Schrag had looked into the matter and had told the council previously that milling and overlaying the side streets would cost approximately $900,000, plus the cost of establishing a base. In addition, the streets would need annual maintenance.

* talked about the damage that trucks can do to chip and seal streets.

* talked about five-inch thick asphalt millings that can be used for streets.

* wished to speak with Brice Goebel from the county about possibilities for improving the city’s streets. However, he did not come to this meeting.

* heard about lumber that had been stolen from personal property.

* approved the purchase of a metal detector. The city’s old metal detector does not work properly.

* heard about mowing that had been done.

* heard that weeds had been sprayed.

* heard about code violation letters that had been mailed. Recipients have 45 days to correct the violations. However, they can request a hearing with the city council.

* postponed a discussion of disc golf for the city park since the resident who wanted to work with the city on the project could not be at the meeting.

* mentioned that a moving permit is required for mobile homes.

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