Goessel students “Can the teacher”

Seth Ott, Matt Johnston, Kristen Hoffman and Jennifer Raymond frantically stack cans at the music room door during ?Can the Teacher? at Goessel High School the day before Thanksgiving. The cans had to be in place by 8 a.m. to qualify. This group succeeded with the help of some tape. Courtesy photo by Debi Hughbanks

Students at Goessel High School carried on a successful ?Can The Teacher? food drive Nov. 21. The event was sponsored by the GHS Student Council. It was first conducted in 2005.

The day before Thanksgiving vacation, students were asked to bring canned goods. Before school started that morning, the cans were to be stacked in front of classroom doors.

If the stack of canned goods was high enough to totally block the teacher?s door, that room was ?Canned by StuCo? and the teacher did not have to teach that day. Students could then go to the auditorium and watch a movie during the time they would have been in class.

The canned food was donated to the food pantry at Tabor Mennonite Church, rural Goessel.


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