Goessel School Board approves annual appointments

The Goessel school board met Monday morning, July 1, which is a week earlier than usual because some school administration and board members will be traveling at the time of the usual board meeting.

The board approved the following school board positions — board president: Kelly Booton, vice president: Maynard Knepp, meet and confer: Knepp and Pat Flaming, The Learning Consortium representative: Darla Meysing, Marion County Special Education Cooperative representative: Bryant Miller, Kansas Association of School Boards representative and legislative liaison: Kyle Funk. Joni Smith will continue as school board clerk. Debbie Schrag and Lacie Hill will be alternate board clerks. Tyler Ottensmeier was designated board treasurer.

The board discussed and approved the “consent agenda,” which includes annual appointments, fees, and other mandated details.

The regular meeting day and time for school board meetings will still be the second Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

Citizens’ State Bank will continue as the official depository of school district funds.

The following duties were assigned — Title I: superintendent/elementary school principal Dr. John Fast, Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504 Coordinator (who makes sure the school complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act): Fast, Kansas Public Employees Retirement System: board clerk Joni Smith, determining official: Fast, hearing officer for free and reduced meal applications: junior high/high school principal Scott Boden, freedom of information clerk: Smith, freedom of information officer: Fast, food service representative: Fast, homeless coordinator officer: Fast, truancy officers: Fast K-5, Boden grades 6-12.

The board approved participation in the Federal and State Food Service program.

The board adopted the 1,116 hour school year.

The board adopted a waiver for generally accepted accounting principles. They established petty cash limits and set the mileage reimbursement rate at the IRS standard.

School breakfast and lunch prices were set, as well as reduced prices and the fees for extra milk and extra food.

Student fees were set as follows: kindergarten books and materials $20, book rental for grades one through five $35, fifth-grade planner $4.70, skate fee for physical education $7, elementary yearbook $14, grades six through 12 book rental $45, art $15 per semester, high school nutrition and wellness $15 a semester, food science $15 per semester, culinary essentials $15 per semester, principles of illustration $15, photo imaging $15, floral land design $20, calculator $15, high school chemistry goggles $6, animal science and advanced animal science $20, agricultural mechanics and advanced mechanics $30, high school physics $20, freshman health/physical education $7, band $10, choir $10, Elbiata $10, laptop for take-home use $25.

The board voted to continue membership with the Kansas Association of School Boards. They reviewed the units of credit offered at each attendance center.

Turning their attention to the matter of “meet and confer,” the board approved a 4.5 percent base increase. The base amount had been $35,260. It will now be $37,050. Full health insurance coverage was approved, under a $2,000 deductible. The board also authorized additional staff where needed.

In other business, the board:

* approved Martin Tibbets as a new school bus driver.

* approved the Kansas Homeland Security Hazard Mitigation Plan submitted by Randy Frank, Marion County Emergency Coordinator.

* heard from Fast and Boden that maintenance personnel are working hard to take care of maintenance needs at both school buildings to prepare for the new school year. Fast commented that he appreciates the thoroughness of their work.

* heard from Boden that the school is receiving quotes for updating the fire system communications and monitoring panel since there are errors in the current system, which is too old to repair.

* heard from Boden that the school is searching for a high school football assistant and a cheerleading assistant.

* approved the resignation of Brittany Hiebert as assistant junior high basketball coach.

* heard about the garden shed at the elementary school. Fast told the board that Pam Abrahams had received a $1,000 grant from the state for the gardening project. The money will help pay for a gardening shed that will be made by Jeremy Voth. The board will match the grant so the garden shed will meet the needs. In addition to the gardening project, the shed will also be used for supplies for a preschool playground area. At the time of the board meeting, the floor for the shed had been poured.

* heard that Anne Hiebert and Susanne Meier would teach summer school for three weeks. Eighteen students are enrolled for summer school.

* heard that enrollment is scheduled for August 7 and 8. The first day of fall sports practice will be August 19, and an evening staff and family ice cream social is planned for August 19. The first day of school will be August 22.

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