Glanzer initiates new administrative structure at Tabor


Glanzer-Jules.jpgPresident Jules Glanzer


Lawrence Ressler


Kirby Fadenrecht


Eric Codding


Rusty Allen


Linda Cantwell


Jim Elliot

Tabor College President Jules Glanzer has announced sweeping changes in the management, staffing and structure of the college.

The new structure includes the creation of a new executive team comprised of the president, five vice presidents and the new position of provost, as well as the formation of a six-member Faculty Council, which will meet directly with the president.

In announcing the changes, Glanzer said, ?It is my desire that this new management structure and governance will increase the collaborative effort of leading Tabor College. It is my intent that there will be increased communication, meaningful participation and greater trust as a result of these changes.

?My hope is that an environment will be created where all will be able to thrive, and that fulfillment and accomplishment will be experienced by everyone,? he added.

Glanzer presented the new organizational structure to the Tabor College Board of Directors last month. The reorganization will be tested through the 2008-09 academic year, and then be subjected to a review.

The executive team, which meets weekly, replaces the cabinet and Administrative Committee that had governed the college in the previous structure.

The six-member Faculty Council will meet monthly with the president, as will the Student Advisory Group, comprised of students from the Hillsboro campus and the School of Adult and Graduate Studies in Wichita.

The new position of provost will be filled by Lawrence Ressler, the former vice president of academics and student development.

As provost, Ressler will serve as the point person on campus in the absence of the president, and lead the faculty in a conversation regarding academic excellence.

Glanzer said: ?The provost will be asking questions such as: What does academic excellence consist of? How is it measured? What does academic excellence look like at Tabor? What should we do to increase our academic excellence??

Kirby Fadenrecht, formerly vice president for business and finance, has been named senior vice president for business and finance.

?Kirby has served the institution for over 27 years,? Glanzer said. ?Adding ?senior? to his title only seemed appropriate for his years of faithful service.?

Eric Codding, formerly dean of student development, has been named vice president of student life, learning and formation.

?Eric?s new title reflects the nature of what his office is engaged in?life, learning and formation,? Glanzer said. ?Our residence life is a learning experience for our students and he is charged with the spiritual formation of them.?

Assuming the position of vice president of athletics is Rusty Allen, former vice president of enrollment management. Replacing Allen in his former role is Linda Cantwell, former associate professor of communication. Allen and Cantwell began serving in their new roles Sept. 1.

Jim Elliott retains his position as vice president for advancement, in charge of fund-raising for the college.

While finalizing the new management structure, Glanzer asked for input from members of the on-campus constituency and met individually with everyone who requested time to discuss the proposal.

?One of the most common comments during this process was the appreciation that people felt regarding the open conversation and transparent discussion that was engaged by everyone,? Glanzer said.

?It seemed to me that it was a healthy exchange. Surprisingly, the voices coalesced into clear guidance as I considered a new management structure.?

The workings of the new structure will be evaluated in September 2009 by a Governance Action Team, which will ask the following questions, and then recommend a permanent governance structure for the college, to be implemented at the beginning of the 2009-10 academic year.

n Has there been an increase of the exchange of information and does the faculty feel they have been heard?

n Has trust increased between the faculty and the president?

n Has the Governance Action Team created systems that give the faculty a clear voice?

n Has the relationship between the faculty and provost been strengthened?

n Does the new management structure work and should it be continued?

n What changes should be made if it is decided that it should continue?

?The primary long-term questions that need to be addressed by this committee are: Who makes what decisions where? How do we work together as an organization to see our vision become reality and our mission accomplished?? Glanzer said.

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