First TC-Wichita resourcing gathering attracts 36

The Christian Ministry Program of Tabor College School of Adult and Graduate Studies attracted 36 area pastors and church workers from 10 congregations to its inaugural Resource! Conference held April 26 at the First Mennonite Breth?ren Church in Wichita.

According to Christian Ministry Program Director Jonathan Grubbs, the successful conference was Tabor College?s way of providing an important resource to local congregations, area pastors, and others serving in church ministries.

The school anticipates making the Resource! Conference an ongoing part of its service and contribution to the educational growth and development of persons in the Wichita area.

?We want to become a source of support and aid to area churches,? Grubbs said. ?We believe that education is not to be used simply for one?s own purposes, but as a gift to be shared in service to others, so we created the Resource! Conference as a way of providing an effective and economical training event for local church workers and leaders.?

The objectives of the conference were:

  • To resource congregations in doing Christ-centered ministry and service

  • To resource individuals through the insights and instruction of TCW faculty

  • To resource the school (TCW) through making relationships and connecting with area church workers and leaders.

    The conference was facilitated by faculty and staff of Tabor College Wichita. Six faculty members taught sessions based on their current course curriculum. Essentially, the instructors highlighted or used the ?best of? their course material for the content of the conference session. Session topics and instructors included:

  • ?The Changing Face of Adolescence,? Wendell Loewen, associate professor of youth, church and culture.

  • ?Planning, Leading and Evaluating Christ-centered Worship,? Jonathan Grubbs, assistant professor of Christian ministry.

  • ?Engaging the Diversity of Church Members to Strengthen Your Congregation,? Tona Leiker, dean of Tabor College Wichita.

  • ?Who Leads your Ministry: Ego or Jesus?? Kim Romig, instructor of Christian Ministries.

  • ?Essentials of Leadership in the Local Church,? Lincoln Montgomery, instructor of christian Ministries.

  • ?Serving the Elderly,? Susan Fry, instructor of nursing.

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