Everence distributes grants to 8 churches in county

Everence distributed $899,426 in Sharing Fund matching grants in 2012 to 1,926 households to help with basic living expenses. Of that amount, more than $76,370 was given through 57 churches in the Central Kansas area.

?The Sharing Fund is an example of how Everence works together with local congregations to help people in need,? said Pete Flaming, church relations representative in the Kansas area.

?Our mission is to help people integrate their finances with their faith and values, consistent with an understanding of stewardship that emphasizes caring for ?the least of these,? as Jesus put it in Matthew 25,? Flaming said.

In 2012, grants were distributed through many churches in this area, including: Alexander?wohl Mennonite, Ebenfeld Men?nonite Brethren, First Menno?nite-Hillsboro, Goessel Mennonite, Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren, Spring Valley Mennonite, Tabor Mennonite and Trinity Mennonite.

The Sharing Fund provides money to match what local congregations have donated to help people with basic needs. Churches from 26 denominations participate.

Sharing Fund grants are made possible by members who do business with Everence. Because of the organization?s unique tax status, money that would be paid in federal taxes is distributed instead through mutual aid?including the Sharing Fund. But the money comes from other sources as well.

?As a company, Everence sets aside a portion of our income to support the Sharing Fund,? Flaming said. ?Many people on our staff contribute generously. And some of our members send donations specifically for the fund. These grants are part of our commitment to doing better together.?






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