Day off will mark 410 “Excellence”

To celebrate the achievement of the ?Standard of Excellence? testing achievement by all three schools within USD 410, students, faculty and staff will be granted an extra day of vacation around Thanksgiving Day.

The USD Board of Education decided at a special meeting Oct. 22 to approve a request from the administrative team to consider the change to the 2007-08 school calendar.

The recommendation came in response to Hillsboro Elemen?tary School, Hillsboro Middle School and Hillsboro High School all receiving the ?Stand?ard of Excellence? as individual buildings.

?This is a major achievement for the students, teachers and USD 410 as a district,? Superin?tendent Doug Huxman said.

?In discussions, the feeling expressed by all administrators was that something significant should take place to recognize the efforts of all of those involved.?

The board decided to provide students and the entire USD 410 staff an additional day of vacation on Wednesday, Nov. 21, the day before the Thanksgiving Break.

The day was already scheduled as an ?early release? day, according to Huxman.

?After considering the amount of time spent by school districts to emphasize and celebrate the success of non-academic activities, it only seems appropriate that time is also spent emphasizing the level of academic achievement reached by our students through the efforts of the entire school family.?

Huxman added: ?The purpose of this calendar change is not to have another day out of school, but rather to draw attention to the significance of this achievement and highlight to the community the academic strength of our school district.?

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