‘Chester Drawers’ entertains at MES


ChesterDrawersPA280006.jpg Children at Marion Elementary School learned ?a thing o? two about ?ol Chester Drawers,? during an assembly Tuesday, Oct. 28. Also known as Eddie Bowman, Chester had a few of his latest inventions on hand. One was a monkey catcher, complete with a rope and hollowed-out coconut. The idea was for the monkey to put his hand into a coconut and get stuck trying to grab a banana. ?In order to free himself,? Chester said, ?all the monkey has to do is let go.? Chester suggested the best way to start off the day is with a good idea like following the directions of parents, teachers or the Golden Rule. ?Bad ideas like drugs and alchol,? he said, ?can make us stuck like the monkey with the coconut.? Chester, pointing to the children said, ?drugs will never make a monkey out of you or me.? Bowman lives near Branson, Mo. He writes children's books, which are on the accelerated reader program. ChesterDrawrersKidsPA280003.jpg

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