4-Hers perform at Club Day event

Marion County 4-Hers showcased their public speaking and performing skills Feb. 16 at the Marion County 4-H Club Day.

Following are the winners from the various categories.

Project talks – Junior: David Perry, blue; Ethan Dailey, blue; Matthew Regier, blue; Brandon Entz, red.

Project talks – Intermediate: Reece Berens, blue; Jacob Dailey, blue; Jared Dyck, blue; Bryce Roberts, blue.

Public speaking: Kaitlyn Dailey, blue.

Junior talk or demonstration: Bryce Meisinger, blue; Kyle Riffel, red; Elizabeth Meyer, red; Tyler Bentz, blue; Alex Stika, blue; Devon Gaines, blue; SaRae Roberts, blue.

Intermediate talk or demonstration: Karl Riffel, blue; Cassidy Hill, red; Jessie Perry, blue; Callie and Kailyn Riffel, white; Caleb Meisinger, blue; Micayla Stika, blue; Nicholas Meyer, blue; Chad Mueller, blue.

Senior talk or demonstration: Laird Goertzen, blue; Hannah Perry, blue; Zachary Godwin, blue; Kaleb Dailey, blue; Olivia Regier, blue.

Junior piano: Seth Savage, red; Bryce Meisinger, blue; Abby Sechrist, blue; Anna Lubbers, blue; Elizabeth Meyer, blue.

Intermediate piano: Naomi Walker, blue; Reece Berens, blue; Heath Goertzen, blue; Jessie Perry, blue; Tanner Sechrist, blue; Emily Sechrist, blue; Nicholas Meyer, blue; Claire Heyen, blue.

Senior piano: Ruthie Walker, blue.

Intermediate vocal: Olivia Kleiwer, blue; Mackenzie Young and Nicholas Preheim duet, blue; Tracy Henry and Mackenzie Young duet, blue; Nicholas Preheim, Mackenzie Young and Tracy Henry trio, blue.

Intermediate instrumental: Bruce Benjamin, red; Rebekah Walker, blue; Caleb Meisinger, blue; Mackenzie Young, blue; Nicholas Preheim, Mackenzie Young and Tracy Henry trio, blue.

Senior instrumental: Ruthie Walker.

Junior dance: Olivia Duerksen and Callie Linnens, blue.

Intermediate dance: Annie Whitaker and Taylor Harms, blue.

Junior reading: Elizabeth Meyer, blue.

Intermediate reading: Annie Whitaker.

Senior reading: Olivia Regier.

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