You can?t trust big companies

Internet woes are my middle name. The DSL bill with Century Link had been getting out of hand for months now, and I finally did something about it.

I called them this past Monday and Thursday night to see what could be done about it. On Monday, I was told they could lower the bill by $19.99 per month and another $10 per month if I went to autopay, which is pretty common these days. So I said let?s do it.

After I hung up, I wasn?t sure if it was really going to happen. The next day I received an email from CL stating I had requested a change in my Internet service and all I had to do was go online to verify my wishes or call an 800 number.

I went online to find the autopay but couldn?t find it, so I called the number in the email on Thursday.

After a very long wait, I was able to speak to someone. It?s a good thing I called them on my computer with Google Talk so there was no charge for minutes.

I explained I was not able to find where I signed up for autopay online. This is where the fun began. Jessi told me she could bundle my DSL with DirecTV and save me a boatload of money. I have also been unsatisfied at the rate my Dish bill had increased, so I told her to give me the deal.

After many questions from me, such as, ?Would my over-the-air antenna channels be available through DirecTV,? and ?Could I record what I wanted to watch later, I was assured this was all possible?in fact I could record five shows at one time.

Not one to dismiss a significant savings, I told her to bundle our Internet and satellite TV.

Saturday, the installer shows up and installs the new system. When he was showing me how to use the remote, I asked how to record my shows. He says, ?You are not set up to do this.?

So now my bill goes up $15 per month for this service. I tried to call CL, but the office is not open until Mon?day. That will be Round 2.


The lesson learned here is that you can?t trust what big company sales people tell you ,and if you call CL, you can get your bill lowered, kind of.


The snow shovelers downtown will be happy with the recent project to make sidewalks level with the top of the curb.

As soon as the city figures out how to fix the bricks from settling and keep the sand below from blowing around town, the job will be complete,

My humble advice: Pour the bricks with concrete and pin them to the slabs on both sides, hen color the concrete and stamp the brick pattern into the pour.

The city has sold used bricks in the past, so it won?t be anything new to sell them again.


I texted grandson Louis that we would be calling him for his birthday at about 5:30 p.m. I get a call from this low-voiced kid. He was waiting for the party to start.


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