Wind company addresses Marion County residents

On behalf of Expedition Wind, with the final approval by the County Commission last Friday of our master Development Agreement, we have now turned to focus on the remaining fieldwork in preparation for “Notice to Proceed” on construction.

We believe that the Development Agreement and corresponding PILOT payments are very favorable for the County and local School Districts – as we estimate that they will collectively receive approximately $17 million in PILOT and property tax payments over the next 25 years. In other projects, we have seen these payments help ease local taxpayer burdens and the start or reinstatement of art or sports programs that had previously been halted due to lack of funding.

Additionally, Expedition has sent “settlement” offers to all of the plaintiffs in the pending lawsuit against the County and indirectly Expedition Wind. We have made fair offers, based on their relative proximity to the wind farm. While our setbacks from non-participating residences are already generous (2,000 ft), these agreements include “above market” offers to buy the homes of opposing parties that live in the middle of our footprint.

We have made these offers out of a sense of “fair play” and to hopefully ease our transition into the community. We believe our legal position is well protected, and we have built-in all necessary contingency plans to allow the legal process to run its course. In conjunction with the County, we expect to file our response to the current lawsuit in the next 30-45 days. Once filed, this will mark the end of the timeframe to reach a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs. We also need agreement from 100% of the plaintiffs in order for payments to become due.

We are hopeful that this effort will resolve the current and future legal issues, and show folks of our earnest attempt to make things right for all parties involved, including our supporters – who we believe represent the vast majority of the community. But if not, we will seek all necessary legal resolutions to prevail, as we did in the first two lawsuits.

Finally, our most sincere and warm “thank you” to all of the County officials, Commissioners, Planning and Zoning Board members, administrators, staff and residents that have worked so hard throughout the past year with respect to our project. Your dedication to the community you serve is second to none.

All the best,

Patrick Pelstring

CEO of National Renewable Solutions, LLC
as Manager of Expedition Wind LLC

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