Weary of watching TV hoops

It just occurred to me how much time I have spent watching college basketball on TV this past season. And I am beginning to wonder if it is worth it. All of the anguish?the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

It might be time to move on and enjoy some other things. The announcers and talking heads, with their blather, are too much to listen to anymore.

Too much bias in the officiating and announcing. Why can?t coaches comment on the officiating or anything else that is on their mind? If I were Bo Ryan, I don?t know how I could have bottled it up after the championship game.

I think it?s the style of the game that has me worked up. I really don?t like the way a player can drive to the basket, lean into the defender and be rewarded for doing so with an ?and one.?

I have also seen enough of the one-and-done players going through our universities. Call me old school or just a square, but this is enough already.


Diet soda is an addiction. I know because I am addict?ed to it. If I seem a little flat and haggard looking these days, it?s because I am in the process of cutting down on my intake.

I am trying to live on just one in the morning and none the rest of the day. I have to admit that after one week it has been like trying to walk across hot sand without shoes. Time will tell.

I saw somewhere that of all of the drinkable water in the entire world, a good portion of it is contained in Coke products.


It may be just me, but I know Apple is not going to sell me a watch that acts like a computer. The screen on my phone is small enough.

Seems funny that the world started out with pocket watches?I have my grandpa?s pocket watch he got for his 18th birthday hanging in a shadowbox on the wall because I think it is cool.

Then the world went to wrist watches. I think many people use their phones for a watch, which are in our pockets. So full cycle back to the watch in the pocket. It works for me.


Does anyone think it is odd to dig out dandelions in the front yard wearing go-to-church dress clothes? I didn?t, but someone did.


I recently heard an explanation of why Internet access has become so expensive. I was told by someone who is trained in installing fiber that when the Internet first came about the Internet service provider (ISP) had only to provide enough bandwidth for one desktop computer in the house.

He said now with all of the wireless devices that his family owns, which he thought was about eight and the entire family?s cell phones, tablets, computers and TV. The demand for bandwidth has multiplied many times over for each household from when it first started.

Time to face it that most everything costs more than it used to cost.


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