Trump is to blame

The Nation should be outraged that Trump knew how serious COVID-19 was in early February, but didn’t do a damm thing for months. He just continued to claim COVID-19 would just magically go away in a couple of months.

It’s estimated that 70% – 90% of US COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented if Trump would have responded to COVID-19 sooner.

Trump has cost the lives of nearly 180,000 lives and the needless suffering and misery of over 2 million people that got COVID-19, including myself. All because Trump is more concerned about getting re-elected, then the health and safety of the people of the Nation.

Trump still doesn’t have a good plan for containing COVID-19. He just continues to claim COVID-19 will magically go away in a couple of months. And that a COVID-19 vaccine should be ready before the Nov. 3 election.

Now he’s telling public school and colleges if they don’t open he will cut their government funding. Well we can see how good that’s working with new COVID-19 cases that are spiking and spreading like wildfire.

Trump’s lack of a quick response to COVID-19 has caused trillions of dollars of economic loss and over 50,000 small businesses to shut down and will never reopen again.

There are millions of people that have lost their jobs, don’t have enough money to feed their families and will lose their homes because they can’t pay their mortgage or rent.

But Trump claims he didn’t want to tell the Nation how serious COVID-19 was, because he didn’t want to cause a panic. But Trump doesn’t have any problem creating panic and fear, by claiming that if the liberals win the election there will be anarchy, lawlessness and chaos in the streets.

This is ridiculous even during the Vietnam protests. The protests were mainly limited to college campuses and a few small areas in some cities.

But Trump continues to fan the fires at the BLM protests by supporting the Pro-Trump white supremacist counter-protesters agitators. The Pro-Trump white supremacist like the Proud Boys show up at BLM rallies armed to the hilt and carrying assault rifles. This is very concerning, considering Homeland Security claims white supremacist militant groups are the greatest terrorist threat to the USA.

Trump is responsible for nearly 200,000 US deaths. By far more deaths then Twin Tower Terrorists, the Oklahoma City Bomber and all other USA mass murderers combined.

More than the US deaths then the104,404 soldiers killed in every war since the start of the Korean War, including the 116,516 American soldiers killed in World War I.

This makes him the worst mass murderer in the history of the USA. Therefore Trump deserves a criminal sentence 100 times worse than the punishment all USA terrorists combined.

OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!! Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump and the multi-millionaires.

Mark Pankratz


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