Time of ‘Rona hasn’t been all negative

This summer has been utterly strange and something I’ve never experienced, with things going on that will make history textbooks and having to wear a mask to go to Target. With the wild reality I’m living, I’ve found things that are very ordinary bringing me joy.

The musical Hamilton just came out on Disney+, which I am sure many people are well aware of and have been waiting in anticipation for. I myself have never been a musical type of gal. The idea of a show or movie having every word sung is not my ideal form of entertainment. Once I tried to watch Le Miserables and simply could not make it through. But two of my best friends absolutely love musicals, especially Hamilton. Millie Sechrist has been a die-hard Hamilton fan since it came out and has been singing these songs for years (sometimes just to annoy me). Then comes along Mallory Ediger, who just happened to also love musicals. Soon I was stuck with two people singing Hamilton and did feel a bit out of the loop. So when the show made its way to Disney, I turned it on to see what I was missing. As I write this I am only about halfway through, as I couldn’t quite watch in one sitting, but I am finding myself enjoying it. Do I wish some things were spoken? Yes. But am enjoying the songs? Yes. I think because the style of music draws from hip hop and pop genres and was put into musical theater is why I can appreciate it and enjoy it more. I don’t know if I will be listening to it all the time, but at least I can say I know what’s going on now.

I’ve been spending my time this summer working at The Igloo and really enjoying the experience. I get paid to make snow cones and chat with customers, some new people I would have never met, and some friends that come to say hello. I also eat a lot of snow cones. The Igloo is such a great place where, even in the midst of a pandemic, where people have been lacking social interaction, can come and spend time with friends and family in a great environment. The atmosphere there just screams summer, with kids running around with blue mouths, people laughing, the fairy lights glowing and the heat somehow not being so bad with ice in hand. Getting to interact with people has been great for me, and I am lucky to have this job. Oh, did I mention I get to eat a lot of snow cones?

With there not being as many things to do because of Rona, I’ve had time to sit down and be creative. I of course have plowed my way through reading several books, and there are more to come. I also have been drawing and learning some things about graphic design. One of my best friends, Sarah Jost, is a really talented graphic design major, and she’s showed me how to do some great things. She and I always had a great time in the art room in high school and is where I think we became close. I started drawing flowers in my backyard, and soon they became something vibrant with color that I would be happy to have on my wall. This is something I’ve discovered I really enjoy, so I decided to create an Etsy shop and try to sell prints. Even if one print gets sold, I will feel really accomplished. I think that because I’ve had more time at home I discovered this joy. So even though Rona has caused so many negatives, this has been one positive for me, and I think that God is showing me to slow down and be patient, and I will find things that make me happy.

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