There are certain candidates who have put in the time

Time is precious. I think we have all come to realize this even “more so” in these strange days. Time to rest and recharge–may it be so for you also.

Marion County is sitting in a good place for change. We, as a community living together, need to take time to vote in the upcoming Republican Primary on August 4.

Some of the candidates (Tom Britain and Randall M Eitzen) and one sitting incumbent (Dianne Novak) have been very loyal to our county—standing in the gap for all of us. They have been attending the County Commissioners’ meetings every Monday, becoming informed of current issues facing our county, and seeing/hearing the truth about what is going on.

A video of the MCC meeting is available at top of the page “mcc meeting”.

Hopefully we can all appreciate these willing-hearted servants who are doing a good job for the residents of Marion County. We need a change.

Thank you for taking your time to vote (early) or on August 4.

Cheri Marsh

Rural Hillsboro/Goessel