Enjoy the great moments that come to us daily

My husband and I love to vacation in Florida at the beach. One time a few years ago, we went with another couple that are our close friends and have a place right on the ocean. We had a phenomenal time not doing much of anything.

Everyday we went to the beach, walked the shore, napped in the sun and did whatever we wanted to, whenever it struck our fancy.

It was very relaxing.

One morning, our husbands got up just before dawn to go fishing. We gals were naturally roused by their stirring about in preparation, so instead of resisting it we got up, pulled on our sweats and wandered over to the beach to watch the sunrise. We took our cameras and settled in to enjoy the ?show.?

Watching the horizon at the beach for the first glimpse of earth?s morning star is a unique experience. There is nothing interrupting the view. No buildings. No trees. No mountains. Just water and sky. There were a few clouds that seemed to be floating on the water and they reflected the first rays of sunlight. It glowed orange. Just a small hole in the lowest of clouds at the start.

At first we snapped a multitude of pictures as a sunrise changes every second, but as the sun rose higher we sat back and just watched it in all it?s glory. It melted away the clouds and spilled out a liquid trail of gold across the water that reached from the edge of the earth to the waves lapping on the shore. To see it happen is to know God exists.

Sunrise, like sunset, happens once each 24-hour period and you can only catch it during the moment it occurs. It?s not like the stars at night. You can see them for hours. This is a moment in time.

Most of us get 25,000 or so opportunities to witness it, but I have missed most of the more than 18,000 chances that I?ve already been afforded. Like many, I have a multitude of excuses for missing it each day. Usually, it?s getting much-needed sleep.

Now, let me be clear, I am not planning on getting up at the crack of dawn literally everyday for the rest of my life. That is not practical (for me anyway). My thought is this: I need to take advantage of these ?limited time only? experiences when they present themselves.

My unexpected cancer diagnosis simply nudged my consciousness and roused me from my routine existence. I had a happy life before that, but now I am both happy and attune to my very existence.

Standing on the shore, gazing at the sun rising over the Atlantic, I realize how very small I am in relation to this planet. The way I see it, I am just grateful to be alive and appreciate that I can be a witness to the glory of this daily event and realize that I should have been doing this all along.

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