The line to vote was long

I tried to vote three times on Election Day before I finally stood in line for at least a half hour late morning. I kept watching and there was always a line to the entry door to city hall.

I thought I might just leave and then go back later when it wasn?t so busy. At that moment it occurred to me that if I stood in line I might learn something, so stayed until I got in.

I think the folks who had short lunch hours had second thoughts about waiting it out, and I?m sure a few who left because of the line and never came back.


While it was a big turnout, I believe cutting the voting places from two to one had a lot to do with the delay.

In all of the years I have voted in Hillsboro, I don?t think I?ve ever waited as long as I did this time.

The word is there will be more voting places in future elections when large turn?outs are expected.


Since we mailed the papers on Monday, Nov. 10, this year because of Veterans Day falling on a Tuesday, and because the post office was closed for the holiday, not all of our mailing employees were able to change their schedules.

That meant I needed to drive the north route to deliver our mail bags to Durham, Ramona, Burdick (we no longer deliver Tampa newspapers to Tampa, but to Ramona). Lost Springs and Lincoln?ville now go to Marion.

It?s great to get out and see the northern part of the county. I don?t think I had been that way since the big snow last year.


The previous item I wrote is intended to set up the following item.

I got back to the office with the big vegetable shown here and Nicole asks, ?Where did that turn up??

I said I didn?t just get off of the turnip wagon, but I walked right by one.

Actually, Davey Hein in Durham had quite a crop in the back of his truck and he invited me to take a couple.

I took just one. The coin in the photo is not a dime but a quarter to show how large the turnip really was.


I have never put much credence into any dreams I have had, but I just had one where a Dr. Oz-type of character told me in no uncertain terms that if I didn?t change my eating habits, and change them soon, bad things were going to happen.

Maybe subconsciously it has been on my mind and the dream was just a manifestation of my thoughts.


Cold and snow this early in November means we had a cold snap and snow in early November.

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