The last place you look…

Crazy things keep happening to me. Take my dilemma of last week, for instance.

I had a rather large check in my pocket that I was carrying around all day to pay some workmen who were relining a sewer line at our church.

Since the inside pocket in my jacket wasn?t big enough for the envelope that contained the check, I put it in my back pocket with my wallet.

Several times throughout the day I would take it out when I sat at my computer so I wouldn?t wrinkle it by sitting on it.

As the end of the day neared, I reached for the check and it was gone?not in my pocket, not on my desk area, not anywhere.

So I retraced my steps of the afternoon and thought I had found it when I saw a white envelope on the street on West Grand. I ran out and picked up the envelope and expected to see the check in it, but it wasn?t.

By this time I?m starting to sweat.

I looked around in the vicinity and then I saw what looked like a business check about 10 feet away. Luckily, it was the check, tire marks and all. The story ends happily but not without many anxious moments.


We are enjoying our visit to Dan and Katie out in Bend, Ore. They found this really neat house near the landmark, Pilot Butte. Lots of evergreens and lots of room?and deer in the neighborhood.

Driving around one day, we saw a buck deer walking down the sidewalk close to their house. It looked to me that it was a regular occurrence for him.


It was great to have a weekend where no one had to go to work. I don?t believe that has ever happened to us before.


Katie is the most wonderful cook, serving up some sockeye salmon, salad and red potatoes with mushrooms.

Anyone could serve those items, but not with the special seasonings and dressings she makes from scratch.


KU?men?s basketball and football teams may have hit a new low?all in the same week. A drubbing by both the teams is unusual, in that the basketball team doesn?t usually lose by more than 10 points. The same cannot be said for the football team.


Oregon has no sales tax, but it does have income tax. So, if one is retiring and doesn?t make much money, Oregon may be the place to go when that time comes.

I don?t see us ever leaving Hillsboro in retirement years. It is home and I wouldn?t want to start over at this stage in life. And moving is not our idea of a good time.


I?ve never had to worry about getting up early enough in the morning to watch football. Pacific time makes plenty of time to do something after the games are over.

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