The key to ‘wavy shirts’

I have noticed that I have wavy shirts. I have started to see this recently.

Let me explain. They are the shirts that have patterns or stripes in them. When I look down toward my waist, I?m seeing the patterns are wavy and seem to bulge out and then back in. I think the cure to make this go away is to wear only shirts that are solid in color. Or maybe lose about 20 pounds.


On one of my morning walks a couple of weeks ago, I decided to head to new Highway 56. (Even though it has been there since Gov. Mike Hayden officially opened it more than 20 years ago, I still call it ?New Highway 56.?)

I noticed the ditch is littered with a lot of items, but only on the east side of Adams Street. The winning item by far was empty pint or half-pint bottles of Vodka followed by beer cans and then a few soda cups.

Is the east ditch full of stuff because people toss things on their way into town or because that side of the road doesn?t get picked up?

I never have understood the need to throw stuff out of the window when you can easily throw it in the trash when you get home. My parents would never allow behavior like that.


My latest toy is a Tobog?gan that I bought at a sale more than a year ago. Now that it?s all fixed up with new rope and screws to hold it together, all it has to do is snow again. The curved front end was kind of out-of-shape so I had to soak it in water to make it go back to the shape it used to be.

I just have to wax the bottom and it will be ready to go. It reminds me of my Minnesota days as a kid, when we went tobogganing quite often. There is nothing else like it, if I remember correctly.


I was at the hardware store buying a box of 100 screws that were the next size bigger around, but not longer, in order to tighten up the runner boards on the toboggan. I was asked if I had a screw loose. My answer was that all of my screws were loose.


My latest gizmo at the house is an HDMI Chrome?cast, a Google device, for showing YouTube videos on my television over Wi-Fi from either my iPhone or the computer.

It only works with YouTube, Netflix and a few other streaming services.

But I discovered an app that lets you stream other video that I have on my computer.?It?s called Video?stream. Next week I will write about a neat new trick I came up with using Google Hangouts with other streams that I can?t get locally.


There is nothing like spending New Year?s eve with long-time friends. We headed for Lawrence Wed?nesday afternoon to have dinner with the Ranneys and Johnsons, whom we have known and kept in close touch ever since they moved away from Hillsboro.

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