Thank you to health admin

A huge “thank you” to Marion County Health Department Administrator, Diedre Serene, for diligently monitoring the impact of Covid 19.

She is to be commended for informing the public of cases, data, facts and statistics that help the general public understand the movement of the pandemic.

Unfortunately we have a groupof Marion County Commissioners who doubt her advice. They question whether or not she is making up information. Most of us know she is speaking the truth because we have heard the same messages from the national CDC and other scientific resources.

It’s time to vote these commissioners out of office. We need local politicians who care about the health and well-being of Marion County residents.

We need positive and energetic local leaders who see the value of working together for the common good. The bickering and back-stabbing that goes on in the commission doesn’t encourage anyone to want to move to this county. Marion County has the potential to be a great place to live if we can find county leaders who look for creative and forward-thinking ways to live peacefully together.

By the way I wear a mask!

Leann Toews


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