Taking on 17 years of papers

I know people have different styles when it comes to managing the papers and stuff you accumulate over the years while running a company or managing an area of the business.

Mine over the past 17 years or so has been to stack things higher and higher in the hopes that the huge pile doesn?t fall over.

Since I haven?t had an office for at least five years, my stuff had become too much to manage lately. So this past weekend I carried all of it to our inserting area, where we have quite a few tables that do not have anything on them?except for Tuesdays, when we insert the pre?prints that go in the newspaper.

My back was aching just hauling it all over there, and it took quite a few hours to go through it all. Some of it brought back memories of things I have done and already forgotten.

I saved some of the material for Joey to go through for his information, if he wishes. He hasn?t seen the big stack, but soon will.


It seems really wrong to drive to a football game at the end of October and run the AC in the vehicle. It was so hot at the Tabor football game Saturday that I sought the shelter of the press box for shade.


Bye weeks aren?t just for the players. The fans need one, too, if you happen to be a KU?fan. The players are a bit beat up and so am I.


I had heard I won the Relay for Life quilt and it turns out I did. I received it Saturday afternoon.

I am trying to come up with an idea how I can use it for good, like raise more money for cancer research. If anyone has an idea, I would welcome it.


Speaking of unseasonably hot temperatures, the Sub-state 3A volleyball tourn??ament in Hillsboro was a hot one in more ways than one.

Who knew when the sites were chosen that it would be 90 degrees outside? Some of the fans were complaining about the hot temps in the gymnasium. I thought it was a bit warm, but it was the same temperature for all of the teams.

It was obvious to me how much teamwork plays into the scheme of things


When Dr. Brown was in charge of building the ?new? gymnasium more than 20 years ago, I am sure the question of installing air-conditioning came up. I bet he decided for the 10 or so times per year that AC was needed, it wasn?t worth the expense.


I would like to thank HHS?Athletic Dir?ector Greg Brown for giving our staff the opportunity to produce the sub-state programs.

Instead of the advertising money going to an out-of-state firm, it stayed at home where it will recirculate locally. I know the advertisers appreciated the much-reduced prices.

The programs were printed in town as well, and accomp?lish?ing all of this also took team work.

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