Taking a selfie for a good cause

Selfie (n): A picture taken of a person by that person.

There?s no escaping it is there? Selfies. They are a fact of life. Personally, I?m slightly uncomfortable even saying the word. I don?t like the reverse option on my phone?s camera any more than I like the prospect of FaceTime for an average phone call. A voice phone call, as Bell intended it, is enough. And I will continue to point the camera away from me, thank you.

A woman took pity on my sister and me a few weeks ago because of our lack of selfie skills. We were trying, but finding the right angle and positioning a finger to push the button takes more skill and a longer arm than I have.

It was a sad enough sight for her to ask if we wanted her to take our picture. I guess this is why selfie sticks were invented? But that just introduces a whole new level of uncomfortable I?m not willing to explore.

I now leave the selfie taking to anyone else who chooses to. This past weekend, some friends and I participated in a 5K for Colon Cancer called ?Get Your Rear in Gear.? We were members of ?Team Michele? led by activist, blogger, author, columnist and all around great gal, Michele Longabaugh. (https://www.hillsborofreepress.com/category/opinion/the-way-i-c-it)

Preparing for the fun run, our little team inside of the team snapped a few group photos and considered, very briefly, what kind of selfie seemed to naturally fit into an event titled ?Get Your Rear in Gear.? We thought about it, but in the end (unintentional pun) kept the camera at face level.

?Get Your Rear in Gear? is one of those events that has it all. A more-than-worthy cause, a gorgeous route through downtown Wichita, music (with a bonus break dancing show for those who stay late enough), an infectious atmosphere, and a buffet to end all fun-run buffets. And I?m guessing, a lot of selfies.

Time Magazine, along with three top U.K. business schools reported that selfies are narcissistic and a sign of shallow relationships. I don?t know about those stats, but I find it interesting that multiple prestigious business schools spent the time and money to research it and that a news magazine published it. It could be less about taking them, and more about the intention in taking them.

It?s said there are more than 7 million pictures on Instagram with the hashtag selfie, so a lot of people are intending something with these electronic self-portraits.

As long as universities and magazines are researching this stuff, maybe some sort of monitoring scale could be established as a guideline to selfie taking.

Bathroom mirror shots: I?m not sold on these.

Pet shots: Cute, I get these.

Duck face shots: Why again?

Group shots of rear ends with friends: Think twice before clicking. Then don?t.

Group shots with friends having a good time in support of a good cause: Definitely.

Shelley Plett is a graphic designer for the Free Press and Kansas Publishing Ventures.

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