Surprised by liver & onions

I?m curious about how many people have eaten liver and onions. And, how many have eaten this delicacy by accident. I am one of the latter.

We had a potluck at church Sunday. I was the last one through the line because I was trying to get the projector set up for our annual meeting that was to start right after dinner.

I spotted a pan that with what looked like steak and onions. It was a bit darker than steak, but that didn?t deter my selection.

I chomped on an onion first and then took a big bite of ?steak.? To my surprise it wasn?t steak at all. In fact it took a few more chomps to realize I had taken liver and onions.

There were young impressionable children at my table so I couldn?t do anything but eat it. I?m sure I could develop a taste for it.


I barely finished writing about our trip to New York when I already have a trip to Phoenix to tell about.

It was our Midwest Free Community Papers annual January board and planning meeting that was planned for someplace warm instead of the usual cold and snowy Iowa. Except it wasn?t very warm. It seems like every time we go somewhere, it has unusual weather conditions.


It is a relaxing time for me when I can sit around, in this case a fire pit, with peers.

One evening we got on the subject of TV shows such as the ?Amazing Race? and the involvement of Caleb Dirks and Beth Hamilton. At this time we learned that the ?bachelor? from Iowa farms with the son-in-law of one of the other board members.

Small-world stuff.


It was a pleasant visit to Phoenix. All of the employees of our hotel were the most friendly, helpful people we have encountered lately. They know from where the money comes.


I have just three more meetings left with MFCP as a member of the board?then my third term is up. I know I will miss them, but it?s time to hang it up and let younger people run it.


One more thing from last week?s New York City trip that has left an indelible impression. Since our hotel was right across the street from Penn Station, I decided to take the subway to the 9/11 Memorial Museum located next to the new World Trade Center building.

Walking down to the subway there was like walking into another world. So many signs I couldn?t comprehend what to do.

I finally asked a nice policeman how to get where I wanted to go and he told me to go.

The museum is vast and the most heart-wrenching place I have ever seen. I would allow about four hours if you want to take it all in. Without going there in person you can get the 9/11 Memorial Museum app and tour it that way.

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