Summer of progress

? Hillsboro?s season of visible and significant projects demonstrates a formula for rural success.

With Vogts-Parga Construction nearing the end of the first phase of the Safe Routes to School project, and with the concrete exit and entrance lanes poured by Hett Construction of Marion along U.S. 56 High?way 56 in the final days of curing, Hills?boro?s summer of special projects is nearly complete?just in time for the start of school. Add to those achievements the seal-coat projects at the airport and on Hills?boro streets, including all of Main Street, and a state-of-the-art playground at the elementary school, and it?s been a season of visible accomplishments in which the community can take pride.

Part of that pride comes from the fact the these projects, valued at nearly $1.02 million in total, were accomplished with less than $210,000 spent in local tax dollars. The initiative of school and city leaders to find alternate sources financing is to be commended. Certainly, we can?t overlook the commitment of the parent volunteers who spearheaded the private fundraising efforts for the HES playground project.

This is the formula for rural community success: progressive-minded leadership in the public sector, the willingness of residents to commit their fair share of tax dollars to achieve worthy projects that advance the public good, and private volunteers who step into public roles or step up to do the behind the scenes legwork when it?s needed.

Hillsboro isn?t alone in this regard, but it has set a pace for progress that other communities can emulate according to their own needs and aspirations. ?DR

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