Still no cranberry on holiday

We had a terrific Thanksgiving Dinner at our house this year. Present were brother Mark from Tulsa (we watched the Jayhawks beat the Flyers from Dayton in overtime the night before) and sister Janet and Orvin, sons Ian and Jon.

If it matters, this was the 73rd straight without cranberry sauce or anything made from cranberries for me.

Does anybody wonder how do they get a picture of the Goodyear blimp that’s flying high over a stadium? Apparently now they are called airships.

I don’t have any idea of how stuff like this happens, but we were at the post office and Nancy reaches to get her purse from near the console which has the post office box key in it. For some unknown reason, my seatbelt was fastened through the strap of her purse making it impossible for her to take her purse with her before she goes into the post office. The look on her face was priceless.

I heard this in one of my audiobooks and have always wanted to use it in my column. Dealing with eye cancer is like running a ten-mile race right after running a marathon (living with two degenerative neurological conditions, PLS and PSP, which have completely altered my lifestyle).

My dad’s first cousin, David Klaassen, was in town two weekends ago and told me that Mountain Lake Area high school’s 9-man football team was again in the state football champ­ionship game in the Vikings indoor stadium just like last year. Brother Mark and I attended that game when we were up there to visit my sister Elaine and her family for Thanksgiving. David was at the game last year and this time he sent me a link to watch a stream of the game. This time, Mountain Lake won, 22-14. Does anyone else think that 9-man football is odd?

I am glad we went to the 100th anniversary of Jost Welding. Todd had Black Jack gum, Cracker Jacks and animal crackers to commemorate what his grandpa, P.G. Jost, liked. I told Todd that he didn’t look 100 years old.

A police dog applies to an ad placed by the FBI. The HR director says he must first meet a few requirements. Can you type 60 words per minute? And the dog sits down at a typewriter and does 80 wpm. And you’ll have to pass a physical and run an obstacle course. The canine passes the physical with ease and runs the obstacle course in record time. There’s one more requirement—you have to be bilingual. The dog looks up with confidence and says, “Meow!”

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