Staying in touch with friends

We became very good friends with our former neighbors Tanner and Casie Giffin and their daughter Rudy. Nancy would babysit Rudy when Casie went to school at Tabor. She babysat for Rudy from newborn to age sixteen months. We like to get together with them. One day they brought breakfast from Main Street in Durham and as we were finishing eating, Rudy came to me and said, “I have some very bad news” I said, “Rudy, what is it?” She answered very soberly, “I’m moving to California.” I said, “Oh, really?” Tanner and Nancy both asked at the same time, “With whom, and when?” She then said very soberly, “With my husband in about two weeks!” She now has a little brother, Gatlin, who is about 9 months old. He doesn’t say anything yet, but we can’t wait to hear what he has to say! I think I wrote in this column once that a four-year-old is like a blender with the lid off.


My good friend Jerry Jones from Salina has been posting Joelisms on his Facebook page. He been reading my book on a daily basis and posting his favorite things on his Facebook page. I appreciate him doing that for me.

An elephant and a giraffe go down to the watering hole for a drink. They see a turtle basking in the sun. The elephant goes over and kicks the turtle—whack—to the other shore. “Boy, that was cruel,” said the giraffe. “Why did you do that?” The elephant said, “That turtle bit a big chunk out of my trunk fifty years ago.” “Fifty years ago! Wow, what a great memory,” said the giraffe. “Yes,” said the elephant, “I have turtle recall.”

Thanks to daughter Amy for typing my column this month and to Nancy for batting cleanup.

It was great to have both kids here with their spouses and grandson Lou. It’s been more than a year since we were all together in Austin, Texas. We ate very well while they were here, they are all great cooks. They were very cautious and wore masks most of the time. They went downtown Saturday night to take in the Main Street Cruise. Our kids had a good time talking to old friends.

Everyone drove here from Atlanta and Seattle packed food so that they wouldn’t need to find safe places to eat.

I took the boys into my workshop and wanted them to take some tools home. The problem is that they already have better tools than I. They did take some small hand tools and I pawned off some saws and screwdrivers to Lou. He also took my leather tools, patterns and scraps of leather. Next time we go to Atlanta I am going to help him make a belt.

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