Starting to dial back the writing

I am announcing a change this week about this column. Beginning in 2020, I am cutting back to a monthly Partly Nonsense, with the permission of Publisher, Joey Young. I am hoping he or one of the owners will write in this space in the weeks I am not. I would like to thank my loyal readers who have read my column week in and week out. At least, they said they did. I am the eternal optimist, so I believe them. I am also extremely stubborn, so if I can’t write this column by myself, I am cutting back so I that I don’t need any help. I can’t see very well and I can’t talk very well, so there’s nothing I can do to make this work easily. If anything changes with my health conditions for the better, I may continue this column again weekly. I would like to work again if possible. I didn’t really want to quit.

It was great to be together with my siblings at Christmas. Left to right, brothers Mark and yours truly on the ends and sisters Elaine and Janet in the middle. We had a great time looking at old slides that our parents left us and just being together, plus Elaine’s family was there which made it even better. Her daughters Jeanette, a cardiac ICU nurse, and husband Franklin Yellows; Gloria, who plays drums and sings in a band Mude and also sings in another band, Southside Desire; and her grandsons Hunter and Justin, 11 and 7 (Jeanette’s sons).


I shaved off my beard on Christmas Day for Nancy because she hated that thing. She said it made me look younger. And I said, “You mean five minutes younger?” No answer.


Note to self. Don’t fall down the steps in the garage ever again. On Dec. 18, I was going up the two steps into the house when I lost my balance and fell backward. Luckily, I was able to twist all the way around and dove headfirst between the car and trash containers. I managed to tear off the front license plate bracket. The crazy thing is that I don’t have a single bruise but am sore. I found just the sheet metal screw I needed in my pie tin full of miscellaneous screws, bolts, nuts and washers.


First guy says: What’s a henway? Second guy: Don’t you mean what’s a henley? First guy: No, what’s a henway. Second guy: About 4 to 7 pounds.


Happy New Year to all from yours truly, a dysfunctional adult male. See you in February.


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