Spring is new favorite season

For most of my life, fall was my favorite time of the year. But in light of recent events, I have changed my mind. My new favorite season is spring.

So much happens during the spring, and while I’m not fond of the hot, humid Kan­sas summers that follow spring, it’s still my new favorite.

Spring promises new life and I am seeing signs of this all around me.

Our daughter, Tracy, is expecting her second child, a little boy. She and husband Stephan have already named him Henry. Hopefully, by the time this newspaper is printed, Henry will have made his grand entrance into this beautiful world.

Their daughter, Livi, who just turned 3 years old March 16, is getting a bit anxious for her little brother, too. Henry was due five days ago, but as of Monday, our daughter told me, he isn’t budging.

As much as I would like to be there for the birth, our daughter fell in love with a German, and they live in Berlin, which isn’t a weekend trek for us.

Unlike in the U.S., Germany has a different procedure when couples find out they are having a child.

In the States, we go to either a family physician, who also is an OB/GYN, or at least someone we stay with for the nine-month duration of the pregnancy.

In Germany, Tracy told me generally someone won’t ever have the same person see them throughout the pregnancy. She said there are gynecologists and then the hospitals.

In fact, when a woman learns she are pregnant, she won’t even deal much with doctors for birth. It’s mostly midwives until the serious stage.

Tracy said she talked with hospital officials in the labor unit and was told if the baby is “happy,” they will induce labor only after nine days past the due date. But she said she was go­ing back to her “good old doctor” Tuesday for his opinion.

As most of us who have experienced childbearing know, each pregnancy is different. Still, Tracy is keeping her sense of humor about it all.

Five days ago, we received an email from our daughter with a photo attached of a very large belly and a caption,“enough is enough.” With Henry weighing in at more than 8 pounds, Tracy is ready to deliver.

She is also pinning the responsibility of why Henry is taking his time on her husband, Stephan, because he was five days past his due date. Whenever the happy day comes, we will be ready.

When Tracy and Stephan decided on the name Henry, Grandpa Randy thought it would be fun to hand out O Henry candy bars in place of cigars.

Another reason for my change of heart in choosing spring as my favorite season is watching nature (and people) come alive.

The leaves on the trees are back, all types of vegetation is growing again, people are mowing their lawns, planting gardens and enjoying the warmer weather.

As we anxiously await the birth of our third grandchild, it gives me pause for thought. Life goes on regardless of how much we might want it to stop, move forward or maybe even rewind.

This weekend I was thinking about life and what a mystery it can. But then I think about Ecclesiastes 3, which states in part: “To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven; a time to be born, and a time to die….”

With spring, we celebrate life, and for me, the anticipated birth of our little Henry.

When my two children were born, I told them God danced the day they were born. In fact, God dances the day any child is born. I remember our son, Joey, telling me he thought that was silly. Somehow the mental image of God dancing was too hard for him to picture.

Not for me.

I think God is putting on his dancing shoes on as I write this.Patty Decker writes news and features for the Free Press. You can reach her at patty@hillsborofreepress.com.

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