Maybe parents should be in charge

I really hate to disappoint you, but here it comes: I wasn?t always this enlightened mass of more than 250 pounds thinking outside the box.

I was a child.

Yes, I know some of you still consider me child-like, but that?s beside the point.

I was the kind of child whom my parents sometimes decided needed the wound of discipline upon my posterior?that?s a spanking. I really doubt now days that it hurt me much, and it probably led to my considerable improvement, although I still might lie about my weight.

The larger things out of child life were that I continually experienced my parents? love, and it was they who decided my entitlements to the spankings plus all of the other rewards and reproaches I received. They were my mentors, my disciplinarians, my everything, and I still believe this is how things ought to be.

But look how the decades are changing things. When I was a child, if parents spanked their child in a grocery store, most everybody appreciably considered the kid probably had it coming.

If a kid was punished at school, or rewarded, he or she knew the same punishment or reward waited at home because the school would tell the parents about it.

The community recognized that ultimate rights and protection for children lay with parents, parents assumed responsibilities, and it all worked in tandem that way.

Now, parents are afraid to discipline children in public for fear of being pinpointed as abusive. If somebody filed a really strong complaint about it, SRS might come assume guardianship of the children. Records can be withheld from parents because of privacy rights in some cases.

Cathy Driscoll of Villas, N.J., writes in the Cape May County Herald that her husband wasn?t allowed in the doctor?s examination room with their child unless a doctor or nurse were present. Parents also were barred from going to changing rooms with kids at a swim meet in their area.

Of course, that?s New Jersey.

Marion County, so far away from the liberal thinking of the coasts, takes better care of its families and respects parent-child bonds a little better than that doesn?t it?

We have more than one Christian group where parents, with churches, have set up their own schools outside the public system to provide the child educations they want.

The McHomes home schooling group is respected, and not impeded in its parent intensive education efforts here.

These groups represent loving parents, and not the true abusers none of us would condone.

Yet at two meetings of local political leaders now, I have heard our own leaders suggest that maybe it shouldn?t be this way?that all parents maybe ought to be forced to send child?ren to public schools so our public schools get all of the state funding they can.

I always hate to cite Adolf Hitler because he conjures up all kinds of symbols with people of being the ultimate villain. He was somebody who claimed such brash invincibility that he was very difficult to defeat. He was the ultimate in committing savage atrocities, and he wasn?t a local politician here.

But the face of evil does have a way of assuming the face of reason and wisdom to get its way. When Hitler?s cohorts asked him how they were to continue to command the loyalty of older German generations, Hitler told them parents and older people didn?t matter.

?We will have their children,? he said.

You can develop an 18-year-old ready for war in relatively few years.

Parents were forced to deliver children to youth day camps on Sundays instead of allowing them to go to church. This system developed very shortly into one where parents could face execution for not delivering kids to camp. Hitler had his ?blank slates? to write fascism on.

Others learned the same thing as well. The Soviets had their camps with commissars. I shudder to bring up parallels in our own country, however mild in comparison.

Even earlier, William Ross Wallace, an American poet, in 1865 wrote, ?The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.?

For those with an agenda, who cares what I think when they have my grandchildren to develop as opinion makers.

An organization at is working to pass a Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution that would seal parental rights as the rule of our land. I encourage you to follow the progress.

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